Let’s Work Together!

I’m honored you are considering taking the next step in your health journey with me! While my health philosophy is defined by key principles, I use an individualized approach with each of my clients because each individual has their own unique day-to-day lifestyle, challenges, and health goals, and this is where we will begin. We will work together to set positive intentions and create your personal roadmap to optimal health. I will be by your side to guide you with the tools to become healthy, both in mind, body, and in the kitchen! More importantly, you have an innate intelligence to tap into in order to feel your best and live your best life, and I am here to help you in that discovery. By properly fueling your body with real food and implementing positive lifestyle behaviors, you will heal from the inside out. I offer introductory consultations, package options, and add-on sessions. You can choose whether you would like to meet virtually via video conference or in person for those who live in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Introductory Call

This free 15-minute call serves as an opportunity for me to learn more about you and your health goals, and for you to ask questions about how we will work together to achieve your goals.

1 Hour Initial Consultation Session

In our first initial consultation session will discuss your current lifestyle and health intentions. Before we meet, I will ask you to send me a completed intake form so that I can become knowledgable about where you are currently in mind, body & kitchen, your challenges, and where you would like to be, giving me a starting point to set you up for success. This will also allow us to have an open conversation when we meet, and together, we will dive deep into more food-related topics in order to bring your goals to life.

In your follow-up sessions (package options below), we begin with your individualized real food roadmap that will guide you throughout the following weeks we will be working together. Each week we will assess what’s working and what areas need more attention. I will provide you education and resources on specific topics as well as tips specifically catered to your individual health goals.

5 Week Package

This package is created for individuals seeking a new approach to food, kitchen, and an overall healthy lifestyle. This package includes a 1 hour post consult session and four 30 minute follow-up sessions. Clients will receive an individualized real food roadmap and email support.

9 Week Package

This is package is created for the individual also seeking a new approach to food, kitchen, and overall healthy living, and will thrive with extra accountability and help implementing new habits along the way. This includes a 1 hour post consult session, four 30 minute follow-up sessions, and four 20 minute check-in sessions. Clients will receive an individualized real food roadmap and email support.

Add-On Sessions

Available for clients who have completed their 5 or 9 Week Package and are seeking additional support and guidance to maintain their optimal health goals. Add-on sessions are also available for clients who have completed an initial consult and opted not to commit to a package, but would like the opportunity for another follow-up session. (30 & 50-minute sessions available).

Please contact me to set up an appointment and for pricing inquires.